Upcoming educational events

42nd Annual Meeting of the European Society for Blood and Marrow Transplantation

3–6 April 3-6, 2016 - Valencia, Spain
President: Prof. Dr Mohamad Mohty

Website: www.ebmt2016.org


May 11 - May 14, 2016 - Budapest, Hungary
Chairs: J. Apperley, E. Carreras, E. Gluckman, T. Masszi

Every year, the ESH-EBMT Training Course provides a comprehensive training in all aspects of autologous and allogeneic stem cell transplantation and comprises a mixture of formal lectures, case presentations by attendees and faculty, meet-the-expert breakfasts and dinner table discussions. For each topic an explanation of the basic principles is provided, followed by development of the subject through to the most recent advances in understanding and management.

The objective of the course is to give opportunity to the attendees to have close contact and lively interaction with the teachers and the group in a nice setting. All slides will be available after the course on ESH and EBMT websites. The speakers are chosen not only for their expertise in their subject but also for their teaching skills and willingness to discuss the field of transplant in both formal and informal settings.

The course is suitable for physicians at all stages of their career and is particularly useful for those in training, for those who wish to develop their current practice to a more challenging type of transplant and also as an update for established transplanters.

The program will include:

For more information on the training course and registration details, please visit the ESH website.

21st European Hematology Association (EHA) Annual congress

June 9-12, 2016- Copenhagen, Denmark

Website: www.ehaweb.org/congress-and-events/21st-congress/key-information-3/

58th ASH Annual Meeting & Exposition

December 3-6, 2016-San Diego, CA

Website: www.hematology.org/Annual-Meeting/